Foundation Repair

4-Ever Water-Tite provides the full spectrum of professional foundation repair services. It is our policy to schedule only the services our customers need and not to over sell a job to increase our profit. One of the owners of the company will visit your property and make the initial inspection of the damaged or leaking foundation to determine the exact service necessary to repair your foundation. Our expert craftsmen will then perform the required repairs and clean the work space after completion.

4-Ever Water-Tite Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Carbon Fiber & Steel I-Beam Reinforcement

Bowed basement walls are a common problem that can effect aging basement walls. Bowing is normally a result of pressure from soil expansion or a consequence of poor water management. 4-Ever Water-Tite uses a variety of techniques to counteract the bowing of basement walls to help make your home more structurally stable. 4-Ever Water-Tite can install an interior and/or exterior waterproofing system to help fix the cause of your bowing basement walls and then use carbon fiber or I-beam reinforcement to address the bowing itself.

4-Ever Water-Tite Crack Injection

Crack Injection

Not all basement cracks require foundation repair work, but if water is leaking into your basement through the crack you need to have an expert seal the crack for you. 4-Ever Water-Tite can put your mind at ease with our crack injection services. We use an industrial strength hydrophilic compound to fill the crack and prevent further water damage.

Crack Stitching

Severe basement wall cracking can cause structural degradation and stability concerns. Crack stitching is the process of mending these cracks with carbon fiber staples similar to a doctor stitching up a wound. 4-Ever Water-Tite uses material of the utmost quality to ensure your fractured basement wall is repaired correctly the first time and the long-term performance of the repair is guaranteed.

4-Ever Water-Tite Crack Injection

Rod Hole Repair

Rod holes are present in all poured concrete basements. Poured concrete basements require forms to hold the concrete in place while it dries. The rod hole is created by a part of the form, and after the concrete is dry and the forms are pulled away, the rod holes are filled. Unfortunately, over time the rod hole filling may degrade and begin to leak. 4-Ever Water-Tite offers professional services to ensure the rod holes are filled and hydraulically sealed so you don't have to worry about leaks any longer.